The Move is Getting Real……

This Easter Sunday 2006 finds us still in Denver and preparing for our jump across the pond to Kazakhstan. Sophie and Nadia leave May 10th. Sophie will take Nadia up to Yekaterinburg to be with Baba and Dediya for the summer while she gets her new job underway in Almaty. My departure is still up in the air until the house is for-sure rented and affairs concluded.
It was a day to spend in the backyard shed, going through our "stuff" – deciding what goes into storage, what goes to charity and what to the metal savior in the alley – the dumpster.
Nadia helped me shred old papers and organize things before she toddled off for her nap. Sophie took off early and went over to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science with her girlfriend Natasha to view the Body Worlds 2 Exhibit. Sophie called later and said it is spooky the way they have these real cut away bodies. It shows it all!
Well Nadia is up from her nap and that means old papa here needs to get his fanny in gear and go have fun with the child.
More later.

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