Departure time approaches

Only 15 days and I arrive in Almaty. It’s been a long, lonely stretch. Sophie and Nadia left for Russia and Kazakhstan on May 10. Sophie has been busy learning about her new job while Ms. Nadia has been absorbed with having a huge summer vacation at the dacha outside of Yekaterinburg with grandparents, great grandparents and cousin Leve. Nadia is the lone girl at the dacha this summer amongst the small children. So it would seem she has traded in her Cinderella dress for a super-soaker to keep up with the boy. I miss my girls and can’t wait to see them. I have a 4 year old tom-boy on my hands!


Part of the move is doing the good-byes here in Denver-Boulder. Last Wednesday was my official going away party at Colt Reproduction. (See the attached gallery “Boulder Goodbyes”). It’s been an amazing run at Colt Reproduction working for a real class guy. Jim Colt is a gem and I will miss him. He’s one of my political soul-mates and I know we will stay in touch.


My other Jim – Jim Marussich has been wonderful putting me up since June when I closed up the house. He is a mother hen always ready to cook and have a party. He is truly hospitable and generous to all who come his way. He and his ex-wife Karen have been true friends to the Lynn family and we will miss both of them.


Tickets are purchased. I have to finish up the paperwork on the cats on the 25th-26th and travel on the 28th.  Its 8,211 miles from Denver to my family in the Land of Kaz. I have been practicing my Russian, though I will just need to get there and get thrown into the mix to really understand and start speaking. Just a few loose ends and soon I will be in a different world; one that I am not unfamiliar but one where I will be brought back into the fold with my wonderful little family.



Kazakhstan here I come!


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