Headlines you won’t see in the States

Headlines you won’t see in the States…


TGIF. I had a presentation to a major Kazak bank today at the Board level……..grueling. All western educated folk, totally focused on what they need to do to take their bank to the next level in an investment scheme involving property management, that we in the States take totally for granted, but has not been legally adopted yet due out soon……..as you can tell I am being obtuse about this as there is confidentiality that I need to respect. It looks good; we could end up with property managing a million or so square meters.


Had a ride in my bosses wife’s car; a Mercedes “coffin” one of those very tiny Mercedes that have already been taken off the market in the States because no one wants anything that small. It is so tiny but has nice room for 4. I was in the back seat and was totally comfortable. This is the car that seats 4 and can double for a coffin if you are in a fatal accident. Practical and deadly if you are in a high speed collision.


Headlines you won’t see in the Daily Camera or the Rocky.


Kyrgyz Villagers Seek to Replace Lenin’s Monument With Statue of Local Crime Boss


Ryspek Akmatbayev / Photo from http://www.lenta.ru

Created: 11.10.2006 13:25 MSK (GMT +3), Updated: 13:25 MSK


Residents of the small town of Balykchi proposed to replace the monument to Vladimir Lenin remaining from the Soviet times with a statue of the local crime boss, the 24.kg news agency reported on Wednesday.

The man whom the villagers want to honor is Ryspek Akmatbayev — the police considered him the leader of the Issyk-Kuul gang and named him a prime suspect in a triple murder case. Akmatbayev was also suspected of forming a criminal group and illegal possession of firearms.

On May 10 this year Akmatbayev was shot dead by two assassins armed with Kalashnikov rifles as he went out of a mosque in the suburbs of the Kyrgyzstan capital, Bishkek. Police failed to find his killers so far.  


Man Sued for Distributing Ex-Wife’s Private Photos in

Russian Far East

A man from the Russian Far East has been taken to court for distributing his ex-wife’s intimate photos in his village, the Interfax news agency reported on Friday.

The agency quoted prosecutors in Russia’s far-eastern Sakhalin region as saying that the law enforcers had completed an investigation into the case launched under the article envisaging punishment for violation of privacy after a resident of a Sakhalin village posted copies of his ex-wife’s intimate photos on several lampposts across the village and at the entrance to the village retail store.

Prosecutors said that the move was jointly condemned by the man’s fellow-villagers.

And those are a couple of the gems out there tonight. We are staying home this weekend. Sophie gets a hair cut, I clean house, life is good. Weather getting colder but still no snow.

More later from the land of Kaz.


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