Seeking Normal

It’s been a rough patch the past 10 days. Nadia has been sick with a stomach problem. It has been diagnosed as a mis-shaped gallbladder. This gallbladder with the dipsy-doodle is trapping bacteria. The trigger is, Nadia does not liking her school environment. I’ve never seen such anxiety in a 4 year old about going to school each morning. So we are going to plan B, trying to get a nanny set up. We’ve found a wonderful woman who has been working for another American couple. They are getting ready to move on to Tbilisi in Georgia for their new assignment and the timing on getting their nanny will be great. I’ll know tomorrow for sure on Nanny Tamara’s commitment.


For me, I need to get some normalcy back in my life. With Sophie off in Siberia I have no meaningful work life right now. I’ve missed a huge amount of work due to Nadia’s malady, taking her to the doctor appointments, staying home with her, etc. and we have some important things happening at work and I can do only so much “remotely” from home. Our IT guy looks at me like I’m from the moon asking for a Microsoft Exchange set up, so I can dial into the company server. If I could do that, I’d be OK working from home most of the time and venturing out only for appointments. But, the child comes first – bottom line – Getting the nanny set up and having Nadia at home in her “cocoon” should be a relief for all concerned.


Working at home is a joke anyway; not that I’m taking the “Dilbert” approach but our neighbors upstairs have a full blown “remont” or remodeling in progress. As I am writing there is a small cement drill humming through my brain; Nadia sleeps though it, how I do not know. Last week I would try and work on a proposal with Nadia asking me a question and the mini-jackhammer running upstairs. It’s almost 6 pm on Saturday night. I’m about ready to go ask the remodelers to go have a beer and stop work until Monday.


Weather: Nice light snow today. It is colder in Denver than here by about 4 degrees. Other than the icy walkways (they don’t clean walkways here at all, just streets) things are pretty negotiable. Once they find out about personal injury attorneys, they will start cleaning walkways.


Time to wake Nadia from her late afternoon nap and have supper – a nice chicken soup that I’ve had cooking all afternoon.


More later from Kaz.


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