Year End in Kazakhstan

It’s been a year to remember. We had Sophie graduating in March from DU – fully equipped with two master’s degrees – a very dangerous but capable young woman was about to be unleashed on the world. She lands her job with Deloitte in Kazakhstan and the die is cast. She got to Almaty in May and I arrived in July along with Ms. Nadia after her summer vacation in Russia.


Today is Christmas Day but we won’t be celebrating for several days. We’re off on Thursday the 28TH on a 50-hour train ride to Yekaterinburg to be with Sophie’s family for the New Year’s holiday and Orthodox Christmas. Pray for adult sanity………….50 hours on a train with a 4 year is a test. It will be my first winter back in Yekaterinburg since 1996. It will be great to be with Sophie’s family and to see old friends.


It has not been an easy year for any of us. Nadia has experienced some separation anxiety off and on and Sophie and I are like strangers when she gets back from one of her 4-5 week consulting gigs. One gets used to being a single parent and doing by yourself and it really can be trying; hopefully she will be home for a whil and we can just be a couple.


Anyway, Ms. Nadia is asking for the computer to watch a move. She knows how to start her movies using the Windows Media Player. She’s got all the moves down with the mouse and everything………scary what 4 years old can do.


For you Christians out there keep Christ in the holiday and for all others best of luck!  See you on the other side in 2007.


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