Astana Part II

I will have a couple of installments on photos. The first photos show the building fondly known as "The Lighter". It looked like a lighter before the fire and it definitely looks like a lighter when it caught fire right after it opened. All photos were taken by George Georgiev our Scot Holland Manager in Astana. George is an adventureous Bulgarian who has traveled the globe, working in a number of different countries. He always has his camera at the ready.
With the "Lighter" Remember NEVER to install non-fire proof plastic glass panels. This entire building had to be re-windowed with real glass. The re-windowing was just being completed during my visit in early February. You need a panorama viewer for the long thin picture but the picture reveals a 360 degree view of the "Left Bank" construction that embraces all the new government buildings. This is a multi-billion dollar public works project to literally build a new capital city in Astana, not unlike how the Brizillians moved the capital from Rio to Brazillia many years ago. You can see the Presidential Palace and a number of the ministeries. All buildings are designed by top-flight world renouned architects.

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