The Secret Trip to Moscow


The Secret Trip to Moscow

By Mike Lynn, Sr. Blogger 

This Blogger, sworn to secrecy under penalty of genital dismemberment, divorce and abandonment in a Siberian snow drift, can now report on the secret trip of Sophia Lynn to Moscow on March 1.

Sophia met with representatives of Ernst and Young to complete negotiations on an employment agreement that places her in charge of E&Y’s Yekaterinburg consulting operation. Ernst and Young will be the first of the big 4 accounting and consulting firms to establish a consulting beachhead in Russia’s 3rd largest and most industrialized city and region. Yekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk to you old Soviet hands) is the center of the former Soviet military/industrial complex in the center of Russia’s Urals region. The region still supports significant military-related industries for the Russian government, metallurgical processing and fabrication companies of all kinds and the production of a growing array of consumer products. “The region is ready for the full range of consulting services that Ernst and Young can offer”, said Sophia.

Sophia met to debrief family and close associates upon her return to Almaty on March 3 concerning the meeting. While in Moscow, she additionally met with representatives of Sultanna Frantsuzova, Sophia’s clothing designer of record. The debrief in Almaty included her modeling cloths from SF’s spring 2007 collection – consultants gotta look good!

Sophia has been in Almaty for Deloitte for nearly a year. The move to E&Y offers a significant increase in responsibility for marketing consulting services. She is looking forward to the return home to Yekaterinburg and the chance to assume significant new professional responsibilities.

Family members were rapturous in their response. Expected stay in Almaty was 3 years. This work opportunity fast tracks family plans for a move back to Yekaterinburg to work and be near family. Expected arrival to Yekaterinburg will be May 1, 2007. Now its time for ML to start looking for his new dream job.

This Blog note, appearing in talesfromkazland Blog, has been reviewed for content and cleared for release at this time………….(Sophie says it’s OK!)


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