Mike the Professor

Life changes – veering into careers, being handed something on a platter. Call it what you will, but I’m deep into my Russian career as a college professor and teacher of American English.


 I just finished a discussion with one of the administrators at the Institute of Foreign Relations one of three Universities where I’m teaching in Yekaterinburg. The administrator is planning a newspaper article on me for the schools online paper. I am flattered but not sure why I am getting the attention.


My American English is much in demand. Many companies and academic institutions are seeking out native speakers and I have made a new career out of it. I am teaching around subjects like Marketing, Finance and The New Social Media (the Internet) and find the interaction with the 20-something students to be stimulating and rewarding. I say I teach around the subjects as I know just enough about each to be authoritative. But of course I have no PhD in Marketing but about 35 years of practical experience.


I have 14 classes this semester each 1.5 hours in length plus two private corporate clients who want to be more conversant in American business English. My corporate clients are in publishing and telecommunications and we discuss a wide variety of subjects including things relating to their businesses.


Sorry for being a slacker in making Blog entries but my new career has been very time consuming. Nadia and Sophie are fine and we are hoping to be back home to CO this summer.


More later.


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