Friday Chatter

Navigating the mud….Thank you Mayor Chernensky!


I mentioned mud in my last blog. My in-laws say this is one of the worst springs they can remember with the snow melt. For me too! We had to be out on a cross-town mission with baby Thomas today and were frankly appalled with the brown slurry on the road. Outrageous rivers of mud running everywhere and the sewer system is clogged to the point of overload. I’ve contended for many years that Mayor Chernansky, our bloviating, former Soviet apparatchik would not have survived one term as mayor anywhere in the States let alone the six terms he’s gotten in Yekaterinburg. Such is the success of an old Soviet planner! Just another failed five year plan or just another missed opportunity to buy enough equipment to really clear the snow. His solution is to use farm tractors with small blades to clean the roads; he knows not of magnesium chloride which you apply BEFORE a snow storm! The Mayor’s gross negligence in handling snow/ice removal and preventing the river of mud in the spring is legend. He would have been cast adrift in a blizzard if he had neglected the snow in Buffalo, NY like he does here. I’ve written that this is the “real Russia”. It doesn’t get any more real than with the onslaught of dirty water and mud reminding you that the frozen tundra is not so frozen this time of year and it all just oozes! Love Ya Mr. Mayor!


Those Special Moments…..


It’s Friday, we’ve gotten home from the Baby Thomas’ mission to the doctor. What do with your wife and your time???


Thomas gets a walk twice a day. Sophie puts him in the Kangaroo sling and gets out (mud or not) and takes him around the ‘hood. But there are alternatives on certain days….


Sometimes he walks “in place”, kind of like using a tread mill or stair master. In this case he is laying in his car seat bundled up for 0 degree C weather and soaking up the sun on our balcony. Meanwhile the Mrs. and I have one of those rare daytime “timeouts” that involve a lot of kissing and hugging. Thomas slept for two hours today on the balcony before waking ravenously hungry……we had our groove time and he had his tanning time, taking on vitamin D and otherwise enjoying his “walk” – a win-win for everyone!


Obamasiah on the Loose…………


It just becomes clearer with each passing day that the U.S. voters have selected Jimmy Carter v. 2.0. What can Obama be thinking cranking up the budget and deficit in such a manner? And you know, he is NOT such a good speaker as the MSM sound bites alluded to during the campaign. When you listen to him as President he is BORING!!! Mainly his ideology is just anti-American and dangerous to the well-being of the country. I sat out the voting process in 2008….first time in 40 years where I didn’t exercise my franchise in the Presidential sweepstakes. Both candidates stunk.


The U.S. voter can make mistakes. The Obamasiah is a colossal mistake for our Commander and Economic Chief. During the Bush years, I often told my students that we needed a President with the cajonies ala Vladimir Putin. Say what you will about Putin. He is steadfast in representing Russia – always. He is a man’s man that the ladies swoon over. He ate Bush for lunch on several occasions and he will do the same to the Obamasiah. Obama is like the 97 pound weakling (a putz really) and Putin not only kicks sand in his face but will probably pound it up his fanny as well. So much for the new leader of the free world – a boring fellow that should have stayed a community organizer….at least he would not be spending my tax money in such large quantities. B. Hussein, back to Chicago now!


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