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May Babies

The major family outing so far this season….kinda the official kick-off of the 2009 dacha season. All were gathered (see photo gallery) to celebrate numerous birthdays; frankly, a large crop of those born in May in this family. My mother’s birthday (posthumously). Lily Ann (Annie Baby to her close friends) would have been 94 this year. Sophie’s uncle Alosha 60 years, Sophie’s sister Masha 29, her son Misha 4 and Pra-Deyda Victor he is 82 and of course me…. I will turn 59 on May 19.


I prepared grilled Salmon with Baba Lena contributing her great salads, Valera with peeva and Masha with a beautiful low calorie (NOT) desert cake from Ashon decorated with beautiful fruit and lots of real whipped cream, interspersed in a yellow cake – yum!  A traditional gift to Victor is a block of salla (a block of pork fat). His wife Leena hate for us to give this too him, but what the heck! He’s 82, likes a little wine now and then (home made) and some tasty dark bread with salla. Maybe not good for your arteries but if you’ve make it to 82 – ENJOY!


This crop of May Babies are gregarious. Lots of stories, toasting. What great fun and a nice day.



DSW Shoes and the White House


I read the following article on Mrs. Obama  in the New York Daily News……and I knew instantly why I like living in Russia. Though Russia has the beginnings of a plastic-faced, shallow, consumer society, this article on Mrs. Obama’s tennis shoes says a lot about the pre-occupation with her celebrity and not her substance. The Avrage Russian still has the good sense not to be quite this, well – showy (Oligarchs excepted). Can we say “show boat”, can we say “clothes (shoes) whore – is it all right to use the word “whore” when talking about the 1st Lady. My free speech instincts say it’s OK but the thought police will probably be all over me.


When you are the 1st Lady of the United States (still the most powerful nation on the planet if you count F-22’s, F-35’s and 11 carrier battle groups), I would suppose she would like to be remembered about the substantive things. Like why she is REALLY a socialist-elitist wanting to destroy the entrepreneurial engine that IS America? You would think she is Hugo Chavez for God sake! Why do you suppose she wants to meddle in her husband’s flailing administration (watch the negative polling data grow, day by day….. Can we say “Thank You Joe Biden” for the sterling sound bites on so many topics that show you to be the boob that is a heart-beat away). Obama has to make the 4 years or we are doomed if Biden comes to power!


Most importantly, why does Michelle even wear $540.00 tennis shoes? Such fashion statements set a poor example for the planet especially teenagers. Is she going to donate a couple pair of these shoes to starving kids in Africa? She needs to re-think the whole fashion thing. If this is going to be a socialist-egalitarian administration she needs to shop only at DSW – you get great shoes for under $79.95 – those prices really level the playing field and make it “fair” for all the little Americans. She can get her blouses at T.J. Maxx where Laura Ingraham shops. Laura is so sensible.


Mostly this story shows that American’s are shallow and the media (so-called mainstream)

are lap dogs for this bunch of gangstas from Chicago. Michelle Obama’s wardrobe says nothing about the hard issues – only how silly and gullible the public is and that the Obama’s have nothing to offer –really!