Baptism in Bingy

Thomas Michael Lynn became part of  the Christian family today, Sunday August 2, 2009 in Bingy (that Bing as in Bing Crosby or Bing the Browser and "y" or "ie" on the end) – or "Bing-ghie.. Bingy is a small village 6 minutes by car from Nevyansk and Nevyansk about 70km from Yekaterinburg.
Sophie’s Uncle "Daddya Alosha" was our choice for Godfather. Seems that Godfathers do ALL the work during the Orthodox baptismal ceremony. He was a very busy man presenting baby Thomas to the Priest and drying him after immersion and then puting on his baptismal white gown after the event and parading Thomas behind the golden door of the main alter. Thank you Alosha taking on this God-given responsibility of helping watch over our child!
The Church is currently under major restoration both inside and out. It dates from 1797 and remained virtually untouched during the Soviet period. It is one of those out-of-the-way Orthodox churches that just holds a very special magic – a sincere feeling of "Spirit" exists here and thus our decision to have Thomas baptized in this wonderful old church. The church architecture is Russian Baroque and layed out in the configuration of the Cross. The church is the artistic heart of the Nevyansk style of Iconography.
Welcome to Christ, Thomas.

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