The Blog Moves On to Kiyv

Just a short note to put Yekaterinburg behind – at least for awhile. We left Denver in early 2006 – so almost four years since we have been in the USA. Our new home is Kiyv, Ukraine. This is a beautiful city with lots of parks and trees and things seems to work better here. Life is smoother, less hectic and NO POTHOLES IN THE STREETS!!! Mayor Chernensky of Yekat, take note! This is the old Russia with a wonderful history. We have been made welcome by Americans, Canadians, Fins as well as Ukranians.
Ukraine is in the midst of a presidential election….plenty of action here from the "Maniacal Matroyoshka" – Yulia Tamashenko. Nice looking lady even with the fake braid of hair. Her persona I think is very cultivated. She wants to look the part of Ukranian history, so she looks like a village girl with the long braided hair and embroidered collars. She is far and aways the most articulate of the candidates. Other candidates abound, some with criminal records….it’s kinda like New Jersey and Illinois politics really.
More to follow in days to come.

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