Crashing Around Russia

Just a few words on crashing arund Russia. The accident was NOT my fault. Had an old grandpa lock up his brakes to avoid rear-ending a light utility truck that was making a left turn on a 2-lane road and at the last minute gramps crossed the line and came into my lane. You will see his car got the worst of it in the accompanying photos. I had completed 800 of a 850 KM trip when this happened and we spent the next 4 hours or so with the cops who sorted it all out, drew their diagrams and finally released us to go on our way. Result of the accident: Spending $1,000 for a new set of tires. We needed them anyway and are set for the winter.
We love our Jeep. Got new tires, took it for a tune up and a cleaning of the fuel injectors today and it runs just great. We are still fighting with the grampa’s insurance company to pay for the cosmetic damage to our beautiful Cherokee.
Watch out for driving grandpas in Russia – there are a lot of them and they can be very bad drivers.
Finally for all you Obama watchers out there, here is a very creative view of budget cuts that the Obamasiah touted. Have a good laugh. Budget Cutting

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